Thursday, June 18, 2009

Something Inexpressible

The deep pain that is felt

at the death of every friendly soul

arises from the feeling that there is

in every individual

something which is inexpressible,

peculiar to him alone,

and is, therefore,

absolutely and irretrievably lost.

~Arthur Schopenhauer
I am the resurrection and the life. He that believes in me shall live even if he dies.
Jn 11:25


A Maui Blog said...

Poems have such a way of pulling out from us that inexpressible emotion we feel deep inside our heart. This poem is precious ...

JOE, thinking of you as the Father's Day comes near. Will keep you heavily in prayer on Father's Day. remember Joey is with OUR FATHER in heaven, and he is remembering you from there. Love you.


Gannet Girl said...

My dd put that quote on her Facebook page after her brother died.

I especially love the Grand Canyon picture.

Prayers this difficult week-end.

Anonymous said...

Everything you post is worth reading. Sometimes it makes me smile, sometimes cry. We will have you in our prayers this Sunday as we go through yet another difficult time.

Lovin you guys
Nick and Sharon

Trish Garcia said...

I wish I had had the chance to know him. All of the pictures show such a fun, funny, free spirited person--how wonderful to know such a one.