Saturday, June 13, 2009

Big Day for a Little Guy

Reserved seating for the VIPs. No, seriously, this is a very big deal. We are talking graduation, people!

An appreciative and adoring audience full of mommies and daddies and grammies and grampies and sissies who are glad they get out of class for an hour.
Little people, full of peanuts and promise--the future of America!
Since when did kindergarten graduation become all pomp and circumstance? We've got some wiggly kindergarteners here. Maybe no one told them of the seriousness of the occasion.

"Yeah, I'm pretty hot stuff! Got my diploma now. Watch out world!"

Three generations of smart, good-looking graduates! First grade, here we come!
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Jeri said...

I love it!!! The pics are great and Aidan looks so proud. Thanks for sharing.

Love & miss you all,

Liza's Eyeview said...

Congratulations Aidan! We are so proud of you. Very nice photo Nana Karen :)

Time flies fast. Last week, I was at Kamalii - I was standing at the gate looking at the Kindergarten graduation happening in the cafeteria (on my left) and (on my right) Grade 5 students all dressed on nicely loading the bus to go to their Grade 5 Ball at the Kaanapali Beach Hotel. I had a quick flashback of Gardner's kindergarten graduation, and then there he is - graduating from Kamalii moving on to Middle School. Yes I got a little choked up ;)

love you and miss you all

Mackenzie said...

he looks so cute in that little green hat and gown!! what a special day :)

Maisha said...

SO cute! :) yay for little Aidan...he's a doll.
Miss you all.

flowergardengirl said...

Loved it! You are stunningly beautiful and don't fit the grandma look. Everyone looks proud and and the kiddos look like they'll make good leaders one day. You have the most attractive family.