Thursday, June 11, 2009

Beach Boys

A recipe for fun: three guys, a ball, and some waves

The ball goes up, up, up--who will catch it?

Aidan loves the ocean and the sand, except when it's on his skin!

Treasures from the shoreline.
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Anonymous said...

Love these pictures. Love seeing you with the boys and enjoying your time with them. They are growing up so fast! We miss being around them. Our love to all.


Jaimers said...

So cute.
Aunty Viv you guys should come out for another VB visit. We miss you too.

Anonymous said...

Now a visit to VB would be fun...we will have to consider that. I know Brian and Rachel are thinking about a trip out there soon.


Anonymous said...

Not many people on the beach. Is it always like that? The boys like adventurous and athletic. I bet you don't watch much TV in that paradise.

Do you find much sea glass. I love collecting it.