Tuesday, June 16, 2009

There's No Bizness like Show Bizness

Before the show, here's Bailey with her loyal fan club. (The two girls on the left wearing black are invisible--or so they think! Shh! We don't want to shatter their fragile illusion. They are spy girls and I guess they are here to spy on Show Bizness.)

On stage, the Hip Hop magic begins! Bailey is the second on the front row left. She's moving so fast my camera can't keep up! You can see her golden hair swinging. Wow! The girl can dance!

Here she is again, the blonde in the center front. These girls were good and, as you can see, the show was full of glitter and sparkle!

Post-show dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and time to relax with a coloring book.
(The two invisible girls are still invisible.) Elis and Bailey give us a big smile! That's show biz, folks!
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A Maui Blog said...

You rock Bailey !!!

:) Liza

Anonymous said...

Love it! Glitz is where Bailey should be.