Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Daddy/Daughter Adventure

While we were worming our way thru the Big Apple, our granddaughters and their daddies entered an Adventure Race competition over the border from VA in N. Carolina.

As you can see, it's no walk in the park. Each daddy-daughter team had to paddle .5 miles, bike 3.5 miles, and then run 1.5 miles before crossing the finish line. I am proud to say all my granddaughters finished and a couple of them even placed in their division!

Here are the daddy/daughter teams before the race. Since Drew couldn't run with both his girls at the same time, his friend Brian teamed up with Bailey. Adam and Ashley, Drew and Izzy and
Sean and Clare completed the lineup.

Here's a pre-event hug... not sweaty yet!

Jaime and Aidan came along for solidarity. They were the cheering section.

Each team had to come up with a name and a sign.
Sean and Clare were the "Shenanigans". Lots of cute doodles on that sign.

Drew and Isabel were the "WADs" (as in Izwad).
The fine print on their sign says "Step back turd nuggets". Rather intimidating, wouldn't you agree!

Brian and Bailey were the B&B's, for obvious reasons. Note the decidedly feminine rose on that sign.
I do declare, there's a yellow ribbon pinned to those chests! Spoiler alert: this must have been taken after they WON!!

The Shenanigans are paddling for all they are worth.

Here they are crossing the finish line. Clare's arms are pumping as she tries to beat the competition. A handy 3rd place in their division. Ain't too shabby!

Bailey and Brian down a quick drink of water as they race to the finish line.

Here's the B&B's skipping over the finish line. Looks like they easily won 3rd place in their division! Nice!

The WADs are paddling furiously.

Here they come, over the finish line! Oh, wait, can it be? Is the daddy stumbling? Or is he just being funny? He's making Izzy laugh!
I think the WADs might have won something if the ground hadn't been so dangerously uneven. Ahh, the agony and the ecstasy of competition!

The Olympics couldn't have been more exciting!

"Someday I may find my Prince Charming, but my daddy will always be my king."


Liza's Eyeview said...

I love love this post, this event, the photos! love seeing Dads and daughters in an event together.

I wrote a long comment earlier but lost it :( I hopefully can come back to re-type, but if I dont I just want to say congratulations to all the participants! love your team names and tag lines too :)


Liza's Eyeview said...
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Liza's Eyeview said...

that was me who deleted the first comment because it was a duplicate of the one posted.

Anonymous said...

We've got some tuff girlz in our family (and some loving daddies)