Friday, June 19, 2009

J & C Destruction Company, Inc.

Jaime's fed up with her deteriorating shower and mad enough to do something about it! Crystal is the DIY Queen. Together they are the J & C Destruction/Construction Co.! Check out those biceps! Check out those smiles! These two are ready for remodeling glory.

Phase 1: Destruction of previous shower.

Ewwww, look at that messy moldy build-up that was causing all the tile to come loose! Who built this house anyway? Call the Contractor's License Board cuz someone seriously violated the building code!

Phase 2: Shake head. Curse lame contractor who originally built this house.

Whose brilliant idea was it to only put a sheet of plastic over the insulation? Do we dare even stand next to all this grodiness?

Phase 3: Lament serious remodeling injuries.
Where are the biceps? Where are the smiles?
What happened to J & C Destruction Company, Inc?
Story to be continued...
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Anonymous said...

Next step so J & C Destruction/Construction Co. receives a better rap than the last contractor is to remove all the rotten, moldy plywood and replace with Durrock Cement Board before laying the new tile.

Jeri said...

Tough job to tackle. Looking forward to seeing what happens next. I'm taking notes for our bath tub shower remodel. :)

Jaimers said...

You know it Gary...purchased the cement board today and gonna do it right this time!
Love the post rock!