Monday, June 01, 2009

Bits and Pieces of Philly

This is hanging on the rail outside the Philadephia Museum of Modern Art. I love my country and this says that for me.

This flag is one that Ben Franklin and the colonial leaders used to unite the people against England, in the years preceding the Revolutionary War. Each link of the snake represents a colony. Ben Franklin first published this as a political cartoon in his newspaper.
Ben Franklin's pithy little quotes and proverbs were quite extraordinary. He had hundreds of them written down in Poor Richard's Almanack. This is in the museum dedicated to him.
This is a storyteller getting ready to re-enact some chapter in the story of the colonies becoming a nation. These guys are really entertaining and they bring history to life for kids and adults.
Joe and I are so inspired by our history lesson, that we are now going to watch the HBO series, "John Adams". Perfect way to pass the time while I have the dreaded flu bug.
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Anonymous said...

Hey Karen And Joe
I was checking out your blog and saw you were in Phillie. I just finished watching the HBO series
"John Adams". It is spectacular and a must see. Sorry you aren't feeling well but this will lift your spirit!
ALoha from Maui
Kelly Apo

Janis said...

Wow, we signed up for HBO for a month just to watch "John Adams".
Jerry is a history buff and read the book on which it was based. Enjoy.
Love you, miss you,
Janis and Jerry