Monday, June 15, 2009

The Church Shop Hop

This is the backside view of Essential Church as they appeared in the Pungo Strawberry Festival Parade. Here they are walking down the street together, pushing strollers and having a grand old time. Up in front, a flat bed truck with the band playing worship music.

So here we are living in a new town, making a new life, and therefore looking for a new church. Not an easy order to fill after our wonderful years and friends at Hope Chapel on Maui.
Since we feel like church is essential, we visited Essential Church yesterday. It's a great group and we felt very much at home there. We also heard they won 1st Place in the parade! Cool! They were really good!


lorensaved77 said...

Dear Karen and Joe,
This Post brought a Smile to My Face, Just knowing your in a Church, a good one, and finding Sweet fellowship to ease your road,bring smiles to your faces, brings me joy!

Miss you guys!
Glad you found what is Essential and making it work for you! :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh yes it is so hard to find the right church. I hope you do. Welcome to the Southeast. I hope we meet some day.

Anonymous said...

I just got caught up today on your blog.Wow! Aiden looks so much like Joey did at that age,amazing! I am praying you two can find the church you feel God wants you in and soon! You both have so much to offer,but I'm thinking you will go slow at first.
I'm wondering if you listened to Family Life this week.They were celebrating the young life of their grandbaby who went to be with the Lord after just a week of life.It was and has been so very painful for the entire family.They only had Molly for one week,and you all had Joey alllll those years and then had to give him up.Both events are so life shattering and painful and only God can get you thru these times as you have found out!Still praying for you,Joyce