Monday, June 08, 2009

Night Fishing: A Cautionary Tale

Chase has got a big one...maybe the biggest one yet...he struggles to control the pole...he wrestles with the forces of nature...can he reel it in?

Sure he can! But wait, at that same moment...look what Papa D. Wampa just caught...

Oh no...oh my!! It's a turtle!! Quick, remove the hook!


That was a SNAP-P-P-PING turtle and he was MAD! Look what he did to Papa's thumb.

No wonder those turtles survived when the dinosaur went extinct!!

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Anonymous said...

Just testing my new comments advice to see if it really works.

Anonymous said...

and it does!!

flowergardengirl said...

Oh my word--I did not know a snapping turtle would cause so much pain. My guys have all been fishing this week. Some they were together and other times they went alone. Altogether they caught 11 trout. It was catch and release so no fish for dinner. I do love it when a man fishes. It's just a neat sport and basically a calming one if you don't get stuck or bitten.

Anonymous said...

Chase looks so much like Joey in that first photo!!