Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Dad's Day to Two of the Best

We are incredibly proud of these two men. They are the best kind of men. Strong, smart, kind, tough, and committed to their families. They are pretty much rocks of stability.

They've been steadfast in the most difficult year of our lives. Heck, they both put up with Joe and I and that's not easy.

One of the best things they have each done is to "hang in there". We've all had the kind of year where you wish you could just jump off the boat and swim away and never come back. No matter how difficult it gets, and it's been bad, these two don't jump ship. They persevere.

And by the way, they've both been shot at repeatedly-- I'm talking bullets here-- in defense of their country, without getting anything but a small paycheck in return.

They were good brothers to Joey and all of them shared a flourishing friendship. They liked the same music. They talked business. They had mutual respect. Plus, they all like to surf and ski, so they made plans for a future of both.

Each with their beautiful families. They love their wives and they truly love and enjoy their kids. They play with them, guide them, and cook for them. They provide for them and they go to work every day with never a word of complaint. Their kids really have no idea how blessed they are to have these dads! They think all dads are like this. We are grateful our grandchildren have two such outstanding role models.

One of my all-time favorite daddy/son moments.

Happy Father's Day to Sean and Drew. We love, respect, admire and appreciate you both more than words or pictures can tell.

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Psalm 103:13

As a father has compassion on his children, so the LORD has compassion on those who fear him.


Anonymous said...

Dudes! HFD! Love you guys

Love AV

Anonymous said...

Incredible father's day pics.Those should go into a book all by themselves!!We had a beautiful Father's day here with 22 loving family members,including our sweet Emily and Aaron..As we stood in a circle for the "food" blessing I emotionally looked at all the men and thanked them for being such great fathers and told them how very proud I was of all of them.I am learning to never take these family times for granted! I know you and Joe felt so blessed to have all of your earthly kids and their families with you on Father's day.Lovingly,Joyce