Wednesday, June 03, 2009

More from the Big Little Adventure Race

A happy proud girl taking a break after the race.

hugs with dad

poised to paddle for all she's worth

Proud Bailey with her medal

Ready to paddle

On your mark, get set....
Izzy and Daddy with her Dizzy Izzy Fizzy sign--it was a good race!

Here she is paddling so she can get out and bike 3.5 miles!

Love the smile on her face--after paddling and biking, and now running!Who knew racing could be this fun!

Aidan and mom watch from the sidelines

But Aidan sees a mess that's not kind to Mother Earth

So he solves that little problem

1 comment:

Bill and Lu said...

I dunknow, Karen, maybe you should be a photographer AND an author!
I love reading about your fam. And I NEED reading about your grief. I know we can't really share it, but it helps me understand. It sounds like you will never stop. I'm glad for that.
One good thing, Karen, is that through all this your marriage has survived, and maybe even grown stronger. I know that lots of times a marriage dissolves after such terrible loss.
We'll pray for your farm situation, too.
Love you,
Bill and Lu