Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Splinter Surgery---OW-EEE!!

My foot as it waits for the anesthesia to take effect---notice the cute plumeria on my big toe!

Dr. Doug Birch, the nicest foot doctor on the planet, works his magic. Call him at 877-FOOT

The Miniscule Culprit-the tip of a toothpick--such an itsy-bitsy splinter, such humongous pain!!!

All better now! How do I spell relief? Splinter surgery!!!
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Liza on Maui said...

We like Dr. Birch - he's our foot doctor too!

Yes, cute plumeria on your toe nail :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Karen, for connecting us to your world through your blog site, even if it is about (ouchhhhh!)splinters! You guys are loved.

Cliff said...

The doctor must have been cracking up looking up at his patient snapping pictures? That's a great idea!

You are really good at this blog stuff Karen.