Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Friends Who Stick

Craig and Kathy have been our friends since we were all newlyweds in So. California. They lived up the street from us in L.A. and we joined their couple's Bible study group when we were in our early 20's. We went thru our pregnancies together and our daughters all became dearest childhood friends, a friendship that flourishes to this day. When we moved to Maui fifteen years ago, we were able to add some new experiences to a multi-layered relationship--sharing in ministry at Hope Chapel, being neighbors, and having fun vacations together.

But all that changed. Since Joey passed, Craig and Kathy have had to bear our sorrow. We crashed in an instant, and the laughter that once characterized our friendship, has been turned to tears. They lost the friends that they once had. They had to re-learn how to talk to us in our newly fragile state. They had to let go of any support we could ever be to them, any help with the church, or their pressures and problems. They have cried with us, and listened to an almost endless stream of sorrow, fear and doubt. They have done so many things for us, we've lost track. They've handled our responsibilities, and kept things going when we couldn't. They've cooked for us over and over again, including preparing us a beautiful prime rib dinner just last night.

They are selflessly walking beside us through the long, dark valley of the shadow of death. It's got to be exhausting and dreary and relentless. When I come out of my numb state and look at that, it almost takes my breath away. How does anyone besides a mother muster up that kind of tenacious love?!

So today I am saying thank you to them. Thank you for your enduring love. Thank you for sticking by us when we are empty-handed. Thanks is not enough, but it's all I have. Thank you, Craig and Kathy, for being there--- for the good times....and thank you for being there in our deepest, darkest night.

We love you, Friends.

A friend loves at all times and a brother is born for adversity. Proverbs 17:17


Anonymous said...

Wow Karen, how do you do it? Articulate so well as to capture the emotion and feelings of what you have experienced and write it out, such a gift you do so well and like no other. That was beautifully said. The scripture sure does capture the true meaning of your freindship. We think and pray for you often.

Anonymous said...

Friends who stick closer than a brother - it's such a blessing to have those. And yes, Craig and Kathy are such - the kind of friendship you have is an inspiration to us all.


Jeri said...

Such beautiful words. Craig & Kathy are a very special couple. Friendships like that are priceless!

Jaimers said...

I am personally grateful for your friendship with them, because of that I have an amazing best friend of 32 years...good stuff dude.

elhefe said...

Four shore!

Anonymous said...

Ah... Jaime beat me to it. Thanks for the fruit of your womb Karen. Jaime is the Pineapple and Joanne the banana. The are both such a blessing to me, I can't imagine my life without them. Like you guys and my parents, I would like to move in with them when I grow up.
I love you guys.