Sunday, March 01, 2009

Saturday Morning Workout and Breakfast

Karen and Jeri stretching (stalling)
Cheryl's energetic box jump!
Jeri's flawless squat! Head up, back straight, 90 degree bend on those knees!
The Gallows....
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Unknown said...

Joe and Karen:

You guys will be leaving a big hole on Maui when you leave. In fact I'm worried the island might sink because of it. LOL. Looking through the pictures shows me just how blessed you guys are with such wonderful friends, even when viewed through the dim glass of your grief.

We expect to hear about Crossfit Team Virginia when you get settled in. Just imagine those those runs through the chilly country air during the winter.

I think its great that all you guys took a serious run down the fitness path. Team Spencer is bringing all 3500 pounds of their gym equipment to Maui to set up shop in the garage of the home we are building. We're hoping to use fitness as an outreach tool as well as a means of fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ. The best part is - No Monthly Fees! LOL.

God bless you guys.