Tuesday, March 03, 2009

My Top 10 Favorite Places on Maui

Iliili Point--the view from our window

We are going to miss the PEOPLE of Maui more than words can tell. It's hard to leave our Christian community and the wonderful aloha spirit of the islands. But we are also going to really miss the beautiful PLACES on Maui. We are going to a totally different kind of place and won't have the simple island life that we've been blessed to have here. We've loved our outdoorsy/walking/beachy/flip-flop casual life-style, and believe that Maui is as close to Heaven as earth ever comes. The following is a short list of the places I will miss the MOST.

1. Hope Chapel--God's place---love, support, growth, acceptance and encouragement---a safe place in a troubled world

2. Iliili Point, Kam I, the Cove--our favorite place to walk and watch the sunset each day

3. Mama's Fish House--amazing island-style food and hospitality; it's our place of choice for very special occasions. It's laden with precious memories.

4. Keanae Peninsula and the little church there--holy ground, our family and our Ohana Group had sacred times there (thank you Keplers).

5. Haleakala--majestic in its size, awesome in its strange beauty, a hiker's dream, a reminder of God's power and transcendence

6. The Lavender Farm--my favorite place for Girl Time with lavender tea and scones and a shop full of purple things.

7. Hula Grill in Kaanapali--especially at sunset when Derek Sebastian is playing ukulele

8. The Wailea Beach Walk with a stop at the Kealani deli--breathtaking beauty, yummy food

9. Da Kitchen, Pinatas, Sansei, Fred's Mexican Restaurant---okay, more yummy food

10. Kukui Mall Theatre--not the most comfortable or state of the art theatre, we just love the simplicity of it. It's our favorite walking destination on Friday nights after a long week. Dinner and a movie, then a slow, leisurely walk home along the ocean in the moonlight--the perfect way to unwind and chat and reconnect with my husband.

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vi said...

These are places that we will miss as well...thanks for sharing them with us on our many visits to Maui. We are looking forward to the new and interesting places we will get to know and love in Pungo.

Love Viv