Monday, January 07, 2013


Fearless is my word for the year.
To stop being so afraid.
To enter into the danger open and without loathing.
To see that I am not the whole story
But I am privileged to be part of the story. 
And when it's finally told
That I wasn't so afraid that I didn't really live
Or love fully.
Faith is my detour for fear. 

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Grandgirl Getaway

The hotel room was strategically located next to our largest mall. Food, shopping, movies, skating, etc. 

Ready and willing shoppers. 

Bur first, a bit of this.



Sleeping in--there are two in here.

Slumbering away the day.

Finally up and a frenzy of beauty preps, as evidenced by messy piles everywhere.

The food court question...what to eat?

Happy tummies

Tech break

And more.  Hmmm.  Ladies, could I have your attention please?


almost done...

phones down. 

ice skaters

round and round for an hour and a half

the grand finale, but only one taker


party's over, but it was fun. 
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