Monday, March 02, 2009

MercyMe on Maui!! Who Could Imagine?!

On Maui, we have a small town inferiority complex. Everything good goes to Honolulu where the paying crowds are, but not to po-dunk little Maui (despite the fact that Maui has the finest concert hall we've ever been in!). So when something big comes to town we obediently buy our plane tickets, book our hotel rooms, and rent our cars--- on Oahu. But not THIS time! MercyMe generously added our concert hall to their itinerary and they packed out the MACC with the Maui Faithful for an exceedingly marvelous concert.
Thanks to Lu's hustle to the box office on the first morning tickets were available, we got front row seats! It was everything and more than we could hope for--beautiful sound, inspiring lyrics, and moments of holy awe.

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Maisha Bonnie said...

I love this blog! :) thanks for starting will keep us all close to you.

Keanae Boy said...

I love this blog too, Maisha! Karen, you told me about it, but I couldn't find it. Liza, thanks for sending me the link. I will now thoroughly digest all the words in it.
Karen, we LOVED going to the concert with you! BTW, the MACC has world class entertainment lots of times. . .Probably a lot more than Virginia Beach!
Love you, Bill and Lu Kepler