Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Big Graduation and a Luau

Our grandson graduated high school. This was the proud crowd who came to witness the big occasion. Okay, yeah, there were a couple hundred other graduates. The convention center handily packed all this pomp and circumstance into one enormous room. 

I wasn't quick on my camera, but my zoom caught the handshake...

and the diploma safely in hand. 

I also caught the proud parents and other grandmother at just the right moment. I loved that his parents were holding hands. An 18 year job well done!

The graduating class's patience was rewarded with a delighted cap toss.

Outside in the beating son, this kid in a gown and several leis, bore up patiently as numerous photos were taken. 

The whole family. 

The Uncle, Auntie and cousins. 

The Nana and Papa. 

The other grandmother, Chu-Chu.

The best friend (in a respectful suit no less. )

All the grandchildren together. 

Sissy and Bro. 

The whole fam damily!


A week later we had a luau for him at the farm. The guys cooked a pig in the ground for 16 hours.

Here they prep it for cooking.

Here they are at midnight, the night before the party, loving every minute of this new experience. It takes a lot of hands to get a pig in an oven.

It's going in this underground oven they built, now filled with firewood.

Imu pig Hawaiian style--you fill the pig with hot rocks and wrap it in banana leaves. Then bind it all together in chicken wire, and place in the underground oven, already full of more hot rocks. Bake for 16 hours.

Cooking away, all night long. 

This is the men unearthing the pig the day of the party. 

Kahlua Pork---funny looking, but incredibly delicious!

The curious crowd.
The graduate with a lei sent all the way from Hawaii by dear friends.
Let the eating begin!

The Hula Hoop brigade provided entertainment.

Grandpas in leis congratulated each other.

Luau decor just makes everything taste better.

 Real banana leaves on the tables.

Proud mama and dad. Chief Pig Chef and Hostess with the Mostess.
It was a lazy fun afternoon celebrating a wonderful kid and a great milestone.