Thursday, November 19, 2009

Till Death Do Us Part

so young
so much in love
never imagining that our future held
unbearable grief
we are learning
to bear
holding on
for better for worse
love you
husband of mine
Eccles 4:12
Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves.
A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.
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Mackenzie said...

cutest picture i've seen in a long time. i love it! and i love you guys!! can't wait until we can hang out again, drink tea, watch football and be cozy :) you are in our thoughts and prayers always...especially around this time of year when i know you are especially missing your Joey and Unkie J.J.

Anonymous said...

Was this in front of the carnation store at Disneyland for grad night?


Anonymous said...

Can that really be the two of you.
Oh my gosh I love it. Is hard to bring a smile but that did. I think what you said is right on. I know God did not intend on our life here to be sad so until I get it figured out I will just keep praying. I love the old pictures now, they include all of the family. I am gearing up for Thanksgiving the best that I can. I feel like a shell wandering around the house with a huge to do list. If I could get fired up by something that would be huge. I know you will miss Joey. Without even knowing him I know he was loved much!!

Maisha Bonnie said...

This made me cry. Such an amazing, beautiful couple. I love you both very much. And, I see so much of both of you in Joey in this photo.

Jennifer Stumpf said...

lovely post, lovely couple..
and you added a playlist- beautiful!
wishing you peace.
jennifer xo

Anonymous said...

Look at ya'll. You look pretty cute. You haven't changed all that much. Karen, I would know you today.

But your handsome hunk morphed into a different handsome hunk and now he's more like this guy I know---who is an outback pilot that rescues little baby wallabies. Bet you never expected to hear that.

Yep, he flies all over Australia not having to worry about his hair and with his big strong self--he helps the babies on with life. Now can't you see Joe in outback clothes with one of those hats on like they wear? I can so see that.

Anonymous said...

Go read what I wrote you. Aussie dude.

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to be around so much but just wanted you to know that we finished Operation Christmas Child today. Thank you for giving. I love ya for it. We raised $800 and made 20 boxes for the little kids.

I'll be taking them on Monday and posting about them on Tuesday.

I'm thinking about you everyday--several times a day--

Liza on Maui said...

So young and so in love! - love this photo of you two.

Gberger said...

What a beautiful photo! I see Joey in Joe's face.
Yes, we don't know what we are agreeing to, when we make those vows, but it's probably best that we don't know, at that stage of life. Perhaps it can only be lived, and not really "understood."
I'm thanking God for the gift of the precious union of a good marriage.

Anonymous said...

So beautiful! Like your inspiring words of such deep wisdom. That photo of Joey in the Grand Canyon is great--perhaps another treasured photograph that Rachel brings. No wonder Joey felt the urge to leave "The Man" aka "work" and travel so extensively in his young life. I am glad he was able to travel like he did! Love you, Joe & Karen. Bonita & John