Tuesday, November 17, 2009

leaves fall

the leaves are falling now

at my feet

soft and damp

layered together

to be swept up

bagged up

tossed away

as if they never bloomed green and lush in my trees

waiting waiting


a long icy cold


I hear they will appear


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Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem Karen. I know about the sun shinning thing and will pray that God sends some to you.
Lovin on you

Anonymous said...

So beautiful Karen! Thank you!
A poem for you,

Leaves are shed in preparation
Inviting early darkness, stillness, and cold.
Leaves are shed, harkening wind, rain and snow.
Wind expresses a need to be heard
Rain falls as another form of tears
Snow falls from storehouses declaring Heaven.
The ugliness of this world covered.
Leaves are shed for fun and games with loved ones.
Beckoning, quiet warm reflections by the fire.
Memories once long forgot from the busyness of spring and summer
are now lovingly and painfully remembered.
This is winter, dark and cold
Leaves are shed as numerous as tears dripping
Understanding this pain,
Knowing one day you will dance again.
Knowing they too will be renewed
Leaves are shed, they can’t tell you soon enough
you will be with him again.
He’s not far from you
smiling from safe and secure arms
Knowing full well, seasons come and go
Until at last...


Maisha Bonnie said...

you are amazing...beautiful, poetic words. I love you.

Anonymous said...

And for me that means liquid gold. It means life everlasting. It means my gardens are going to be promised the best meal they ever had. God does not waste does he?

Liza on Maui said...

the photo and the poem - truly an expression of the heart.