Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day Salute

In honor of Neil Roberts' sacrifice in Afghanistan.

Last night, 6-year-old adorable grandson Aidan fed the bunnies and made sure they had water before coming into the house for the night. He told me that he loves animals and loves to take care of them. I told him he might want to be a veterinarian when he grows up, so he can take care of animals all the time and fix them when they are sick or hurt. And he very quickly and confidently said, "No Nana, I want to serve America...I want to work with my dad." Those are his exact words.

To all members of our Armed Forces, especially those at Ft. Hood and their families:

To my son-in-laws and my daughters and grandchildren, who've served unsung right beside them, and all their sacrificial military friends:

To everyone who has ever served or supported someone who served,
THANK YOU for giving me my freedom.


sharon said...

See how you are! Ever remembering,
You are an exceptional family.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, thank you to your family for serving. What a proud story about Aidan. He will make the very best of Americans cause he knows how to serve. Big hugs to you today.

I've been Christmas shopping. We've decided to put colored lights on the tree this year. We've not done that before~~ isn't that silly. I always felt I had to be all white but I'm gonna mix it up a bit. I feel so festive today.

So I'm leaving behind some cinnamon scents in my trail~~~~twinkle twinkle*****sprinkle sprinkle

Maisha Bonnie said...

aww...Aidan is so awesome! :)
love you guys.

Jeri said...

Wow, Aidan's comment to you really
touched my heart. Thanks for sharing.

Gberger said...

Yes, yes, yes. Thank you for telling this lovely story about your dear grandson's desire. What a sweetheart.

michaelandciara said...

LOVE that little Aiden, he has an incredible daddy, and what a honoring thing! Yes, our deepest gratitude for all they do!