Thursday, November 12, 2009

Beauty Will Rise

Steven Curtis Chapman and his daughter, Maria, who is now in Heaven.

I have felt linked to this family's grief, partly because they lost Maria the day before we lost Joey, and partly because I have always loved SCC's music. He continues to inspire and comfort me. His wife's blog is linked in my sidebar. She expresses feelings similar to my own and I am grateful for her honesty and transparency through the past 18 months.

Reported in CNN today:

"Chapman, who has been singing Christian music for more than 20 years, was now faced with a God he had not known before. Everything he thought about God was different, he said, and he began to wrestle with his beliefs.

His new album, his 19th, entitled "Beauty Will Rise," is his personal testament to Maria's life and the overwhelming belief that they will be together again one day."

"Reviews have been positive and respectful. The New York Times called it "stirring." Billboard said, "Never has a writer's pain sounded more achingly raw. ... The new set examines unfathomable grief, but also celebrates an extraordinary young life."

"Milligan said that he believes the music's meaning transcends the tragedy that inspired it.
"In recording these songs he knew they were going to bring hope to a lot of people," Milligan said. "And that is so much what he is about. These songs are timeless, people will always be hurting and these songs will always speak to them."


Anonymous said...

I love Beyond the Blue! and of course Sting and Cold Play!
I'm happy you can find words of comfort.

Anonymous said...

He was at the Women of Faith conference I attended. He sang from his new album and reflected on how he would act back then had he known.

He lingered up on stage with his mostly mommy audience. You could tell he was feeding us and we him. He needed to be mothered.

He did speak as you speak and feel as you feel. He said there are days when they go through the motions without talking for knowing what happened.

He talked about his first time singing the song Cinderella after his daughter died. When he was done---tears flooded the coliseum.