Monday, November 30, 2009

Joey's Besties

Joey's Best Friends
Thanksgiving 2009
At Tom and Melissa's house-- Joey's second parents.
With the Six Sons, with whom Joey grew up,
and their significant others.
With JR and pregnant Clara, and Theo--
friends and roommates at USC,
and Joey's beautiful Rachel.
I only wish I could have been there to give them all a hug and a thank you. They are forever faithful friends, and we love them all so much.
"It takes a long time to grow an old friend."
John Leonard


Liza on Maui said...

Joey's besties are truly the best. A great reminder of how wonderful Joey is and how full and precious the life he lived. I know you're wishing he's in that photo ... but he is now is heaven. Bittersweet ... oh bittersweet ...

love you,

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture.I know Joey was missed by all of them.


Anonymous said...

That's a big family and a beautiful one. Joey's friends have colorful personalities in their smiles and character.

Karen you'd have a hard time being everywhere Joey left a mark cause he sure was a lot of places. Seems like in a whole year, you've written about a lot of different people and places that Joey touched.

What a remarkable person his living presence leaves behind.

Gberger said...

Dear Karen,

I accidentally deleted your comment - I'm so sad -& obviously, still not used to "comment moderation" (had to add it to stop spamming)! I loved reading it, and would love to add it back, but blogger won't let me. Thank you for it. XO