Friday, February 20, 2009

Our New Life

Life has changed for us. With the passing of our beloved son, Joey, our old life doesn't fit us anymore. And what a life it was. We lived on the ocean in Maui, waking up to sunshine, sparkling waters, and canoers paddling by every single morning. The visual parade outside our window was a travel poster for "The Good Life". We had loving friends, a nourishing church and fulfilling work. We even had our daughter and her family on island for two years---3 adorable grandchildren who made even the most mundane activities fun. It's no stretch to say we had a perfect life---as perfect a life as can be had on this dangerous blue ball spinning in space.

Then tragedy and heartbreak and crushing loss struck us. It broke us and ravaged our comfortable existence and reshaped our lives permanently. And now, nine months later we're different and our old life simply doesn't fit us anymore. Jesus said you can't put new wine in old wine skins. I guess for us that means we will have to change the outside to match our new insides. Our need to be next to our daughters and their families has become a demanding imperative. We just need the comfort of togetherness as we learn a life without Joey. So we are making the move to Virginia Beach....a little farm community called Pungo, to be precise. Pungo, the Strawberry Capital of Virginia, where farmland meets tall trees, and black water quiets your soul.
From Paradise to Pungo.


MommaWinans said...

Oh Karen. My heart breaks and I wish I had inspiring words but I dont'. I know you and Joe know all the 'word' so I just send my heart and spirit.

Sherri Newman said...

I just happened upon your blog. We lost our only son, Josh from SUDEP on November 20, 2010. I am so sorry for your loss.