Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Friendship Factor

Let me introduce you to Team Crossfit Maui---a motley but disciplined group.

For months we worked out together five days a week-- stretching, sweating, running, rowing, and whining our way to fitness (actually only a few of us whined, and you know who you are). Under Drew and Jaime's strict coaching, we pushed ourselves to do things we never thought possible. In my case, that was lifting 125 lbs, and doing 100 sit-ups, push-ups, squats, and pull-ups at a time. I even ran my first 5K on Mother's Day last year. There's a surprising amount of bonding in sweat, and it was an exuberant time for all of us.

Two weeks after the Mother's Day run our world crashed. Our son suddenly went to Heaven, and in turn triggered a jolting chain reaction of losses. Our Crossfit Team lost its coaches, location, and equipment as our grieving daughter and her husband left Maui for VA. Our exercise regimen scattered to various garages and our smoothly rolling routine disintegrated as we bumped our way thru a series of unwelcome changes. It hurt... a lot. Disappointment on top of disappointment.
But this morning we all gathered together again, an accidental reunion created by an unrushed Saturday morning on Maui. How special to once again share a workout and then share a delicious gourmet breakfast around a common table. Friends who've been so crucially faithful in our sad season, though we've been preoccupied and absent, are still friends, still there, still encouraging us. In our chain of losses, our friendship wasn't among them.
To see pictures of our workout and breakfast go to


Jaimers said... guys are awesome and I miss making you all sweat and achieve amazing goals on a regular basis. Thanks for the opportunity and am so happy to see you back together....I am sorry we left so abruptly, life can change in an instant. Thank you for the prayers and love..we love and miss you all.

Jeri said...

Smiles and tears as I read your blog for the first time. I LOVE IT! This is beautiful and I'm so excited to follow it!

Karen, you're an amazing writer and I'm looking forward to seeing where your gift takes you.

We love you & Joe and are very thankful to be able to keep up with your new life via your blog when you leave Maui.

Our workout yesterday was special. It brought back great memories of our Crossfit Maui days. We miss you Drew & Jaime.

Van Down By The River said...

Go crossfit maui! Happy to see you all got together. I think I would have slept in and then snuck in for some gourmet breakfast...

Elis said...

Well that's what I did Rachel, like Karen very wisely said once: "Elis, you are a slacker!"
I'm not sure how can I go on doing crossfit without being reminded of my true reality, I am a slacker.
Who will keep me in my toes? Who will first thing in the morning, before I even had coffee, remind me of who I really am? I'll miss you Karen!!!!!!!!!