Monday, September 14, 2009

Awesome and Beloved Kit Lauer

Kit, Shelly, Me and Joe

This is one of the last pictures we took with our beloved pastor and friend Kit. Kit had leukemia and he went to Heaven a few weeks after this picture was taken. Today is his birthday.

Kit was a real-life hero and the greatest man we have ever known. He had a huge heart and a huge intellect. He just emanated love. He was warm, kind, generous, funny, and spiritually inspiring. He lived his words, and to the very end, he trusted the Lord with UNWAVERING faith. How very blessed we were to know such a good man.

He walked with us through the loss of Joey, and in fact, we had our greatest comfort in Kit's presence after Joey's passing. He was a man living between two worlds in the last few months of his life. It is reassuring for us that he is with Joey, and I am sure Joey celebrated his arrival. Joey loved Kit and we remember how sad he was when he learned that Kit had cancer. Now we can visualize them together, along with Lindsay, Kit's niece.

We miss you, Kit, and think of you today with overflowing gratitude.

We send love and comfort to Shelley, Maisha and Mikey, Buddy, and all the wonderful, incredible Lauers.

Kit Lauer
September 14, 1947-April 24, 2009

2 Timothy 4:7
I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.


Maisha Bonnie said...

Thank you soo much for this. I love you all dearly, and you are also a great comfort to us.
My dad loved you guys very, very much :)

In His Grip,
(as my dad would always say),
Maisha and the Lauers

Anonymous said...

One thing is needful!

Gberger said...

Thank you for sharing about your friend and pastor Kit Lauer. I, too, find it comforting to imagine those who I love, admire and trust being together in the next phase of life.
May Kit, Joey, Katie, Gunnar, Hayden, Auntie Bernice - and all those we love, who have gone ahead of us - be blessed and held in God's infinite love, this day and always. And may those of us who are still here also be held in God's love and comfort!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for always remembering and posting the best of the best.
It made me wonder if they celebrate
their birthdays? I would like to imagine they do. As we flew into
Maui that day I thought of Kit often. The sky was so clear and the ocean was smooth as glass all the way. Monday was the most beautiful day as we heard from many about the awsome sunrise and the clear mountains. Kit sure did rise up in our minds many times. We loved what this man was, a dear man of God.
Love Sharon