Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Walk to the Back Bay

Papa and Aidan and Cody (and me) take a walk down the street.

They are so cute! We live next door to a National Wildlife Refuge and frequently make the walk to the end of the road to check things out.

Parts of it are not open to the public, just to the critters. Apparently the critters won't make babies if too many people are poking their heads in. We are glad to cooperate and stay out of their way.

But if you walk down our road, there are beautiful things to see. It changes with the seasons.
These grasses are called phragmites and they are everywhere in the marshes by the end of the summer, weighted down by their heavy heads.

Pickerel Rush grows in the marshes, too, and blooms in the summer.

The butterflies love these flowers. 

This black swallowtail is  flitting from flower to flower. 

It's a beautiful creature. 

I love the purple flowers. 

This is the Back Bay. It's a large body of water edged by a narrow strip of land across from us that keeps out the Atlantic ocean. The land on the other shore is the northernmost portion of the famous strip of land known as the Outer Banks. It looks like a line in these pictures. 

If you were to drive South on that little strip of land you would be in North Carolina. They don't let you do that, though. It's a bird sanctuary. 

I guess a spider sanctuary too. 

See that line on the horizon. Yup, the northern Outer Banks. We call it Sandbridge.  

They close the Back Bay in winter, but we pedestrians who live on this street are able to slide in beside the poles and stay a while. 

And then walk home again. 

Back in the house, I sit in my chair and take a shot of my gorgeous roses. These are the dribs and drabs of my summer roses. So gorgeous on my cluttered table next to my favorite leather chair.  My spot. 

The Back Bay is beautiful and all, but nothing thrills me like fresh flowers. Nothing.  

Psalm 24:1
 The earth is the LORD's, and everything in it. The world and all its people belong to him.


Jenny said...

Simply beautiful. Thanks for sharing. (from someone who feels the walls closing in right now)

Anonymous said...

What great memories you have to give to many, including me. What a wonderful spot you have chosen to live. It screams peaceful and ummmm can just imagine the smell of those roses. xoxo Sharon

Gberger said...

I love your farm and the way you include your family always. It's beautiful to see the generations together...and your flowers! The Outer Banks - I had no idea you were so close!

Daisy said...

Absolutely beautiful but...how big are the spiders in those parts?!? Can you hear me scream from there?