Monday, April 25, 2011


Very slowly learning this one.

I watched the PBS special on forgiveness last night. Did anyone else see it? Extremely well done. Moving. Thought-provoking. Perfect for an Easter evening.

Some unspeakable things have been done in this world-- betrayals, abandonments, genocides--all of which require painstaking forgiveness to move forward with life. I think maybe there is no greater courage than to forgive when you have been deeply wronged. It is not easy work.

I made a mental list last night and this morning of slights, hurts and offenses I was still carrying and laid them on the altar of forgiveness. What a relief. I also prayed that those who had been offended by me, the ones I am not aware of,  would be able to release those things and forgive me. I am truly sorry for messing with anyone's fragile heart.

It's work to keep the accounts in order, but it clears the soul for living life with faith, hope and love.
A new day begins.

    Mark 11:25
     And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive him, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins.


Gberger said...

I missed the special, but am thankful that someone thought to make it, and that it was chosen to air on national TV. That in itself is a hopeful thing.

Your loving heart is so open and generous that it's hard to imagine you hurting anyone, but of course, we are all human and we DO make mistakes. I join your prayer for forgiveness, both for those who have hurt me and for those whom I've hurt. Thank you for calling attention to this! xoxoxo

Robin said...

Well, I needed that little kick in the pants today, didn't I?!

Anonymous said...

Karen, what an appropriate time for me wouldn't you think! I wish I had seen the special but will follow your advice and do just as you say. Years ago I had someone send me something about caring a backpack of hurt, sorrow, and pain around was so heavy and when finially it was set at the cross how free you felt. How fitting, I found it then and also today. I also know that hurting someone happens because we are human but yes forgiving is the real test. Love Sharon

Anonymous said...

Jesus forgave those who killed Him. What greater example in this world do we have!

Anna/Flowergardengirl said...

I don't live in fear but I certainly live with a healthy understanding that events and circumstances can change rapidly.

I can't think of a member of my family that hasn't faced some serious health or freak accidents that caused us to pause and give thanks.

I live daily wishing we could just go on to heaven and be where there are no more sorrows and only happy tomorrows. Then I do my best to live without fear till He comes.

I'd have to say that I'm a person who does little to be angry and much to give thanks that we've gone another day without serious harm or hurt to those I love. When you have experienced so much pain--being thankful that there isn't any more--takes up a lot of your spare time. Doesn't it?