Thursday, April 28, 2011

Flood Waters

This is our ordinarily dry sideyard. We woke up to this watery sight this morning.

The waters are pushing toward the jacuzzi deck and the pump house. Everything has been unplugged. This was 2 hours ago and now the water is half way up to the deck surface.

This is taken looking north from on top of the tree fort. The waters are coming in from the south. All the way from the Currituck Sound in NC, to the Back Bay of VA, and now to our property. I would guess that about 8 of our 11 acres are covered in water right now.

I donned my gear to go do some photojournalism out in the street.

On my way to the street, I captured our front lawn, half of which is now under water.

In the bottom right quadrant, Joe placed a marker in the dry ground. It is underwater now.

This is our street. I know it looks like the Mississippi, but I drove down this street last night. But maybe now not  for a few days.

This whole thing has been caused by wind pushing water north. There is no place for it to go, so it overflows into the streets. The ripples are the evidence of the nice strong wind that's been blowing.

My neighbors' driveways are completely submerged. Some of them have lived here long enough to know the wisdom of  driving nice, high monster trucks. I wish I had a little rubber dinghy right now.

A look down at my booted fee so you can see how deep the water is. In many places it's 2 feet deep. I am avoiding those places.

This was taken from the street, looking south toward the house. You can see that the street water and the yard water are all the same body of water!

The water must taste good, cuz Cody's been slurping it up all day.

This is way back in our woods. I call this alley of trees the Chapel of the Pines. It's flooded.

From the woods looking out to the barn. Wow. It's close. But not as close as the other waters.

We have a moat around the tree fort now.

And you can see how high the waters have risen on the decks.

Another boot shot to give you a frame of reference.

Our biggest concern: the water is going into the crawl space under the house. Hopefully not enough to damage all the electrical and heating systems that dwell under the house.

The moat and the pond are only 10 feet apart now.

The front yard an hour ago. It is supposed to continue for three more hours. Hopefully that will be the end and the waters will begin receding. Sending up prayers for NO damage, and peace anyway.
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Pam said...

Oh no! What vivid (and scary) images. Will be praying for y'all!

Anonymous said...

Dear Joe,
I love that you have Cody! I've always wanted another dog. My last dog,a Bouvier Dey Flanders was the greatest dog I've ever owned.
Cody is a beautiful awesome dog and I'm sure, great friend!

Gberger said...

How did you fare over the rest of the weekend? We were away, with very little internet access. Your photojournal is excellent - makes it up close and personal - reminds one of Noah, doesn't it? I hope that the waters receded and no damage was done.

Anna/Flowergardengirl said...

Oh no--I see no mention after this so hopefully all is well. You sure are calm though and I'd have been freaking out. I'd be on facebook yakking about it till the water was back in NC.