Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Missing My Maui Mornings

purple orchid against a waterfall

out on the beach, a catamaran prepares for a morning sail

the remains of my perfect island breakfast: a juicy papaya with lime juice, a cinnamon roll and hot tea

the flamingos are eating breakfast too...

I don't believe there is a lovelier way to start the day anywhere in the world.


Jenny said...

I am glad you had the opportunity to go to Maui during this cold, depressing month of February. The orchid picture is just lovely.

Gberger said...

Is it possible to be "homesick" for a place I've only visited, but never lived? It is so beautiful and rich there...rich in tradition, warmth, love, culture and softness. Thank you for taking us with you through your words and photos. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Heaven's better!!

Anonymous said...

I would say right now Maui is hard to beat. Seems like any pictures a person takes there reflects paradise. Cold, cold cold here ready to go back just get me a ticket. xoxo Sharon

Ps I do not have access to Gary's side but I am also praying for David and whatever issues he is having

Anonymous said...

Very sweet Sharon. If you are on facebook, you can always befriend me and find out more. I don't wish to use Karen's blog for this. I have lived on Maui for 18 years and do my very best not to take "paradise" for granted but we all must live life wherever we're at. As in every place we live we encounter heartache of some sorts. Some more than others as is in losing a child. I've never encountered this but can't imagine anything worse for a parent.
My son is in Afghanistan with the 10th Mountain Div and recently was hurt on a night patrol.
Blessings to you, Karen, Joe and family.

Anna/Flowergardengirl said...

I read every word of every post since I first posted today here at your blog and it was all good, sad, glad, funny, and every emotion I had...exhausting to go with you through such highs and lows---I can't imagine living it.

Hugs Karen---lots of hugs.