Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pray for Baby Kaia

Double-click here for the link to Baby Kaia's blog

Baby Kaia was born to our dear friends, Jared and Alana, in January. She was born with a damaged heart and has been fighting for her life for the past eight months while awaiting a heart transplant. Yesterday was a day of crisis, and the family has asked that we put out an all points bulletin for prayer. So please remember this beautiful little girl and her family in your prayers.


Gberger said...

Yes - praying with you.

Marina said...

Thank you to both Karens!

Jenny said...

Praying for this family.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to you for spreading the word. There is prayer everywhere I can feel it. Sharon

Anonymous said...

Just said a prayer!

Anonymous said...

I don't know why more men don't get on board Karen. I prayed and will continue to pray. As far as social, women are much better than us guys...still!
A reason to pray!
How is she?
Much love,