Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Last Sweet Days of Summer

Labor Day Weekend has come and gone, and the lazy days of summer are really, truly over. Today everyone went back to school. We only have one grandchild left in elementary school which makes Joe and I a bit melancholy. We find ourselves (and maybe their mamas, too) trying to soak it all in before it's gone. We are fondly remembering those days when they were young and innocent and liked nothing better than to visit their Nana and Papa.

Of course, this new season has its own magic, and we watch with wonder as the four older ones grow and change, and become teens and young adults. But the other night, our tween-age granddaughters poured out some of the final drops of childhood and regaled us with a bike show while we sat in the front yard and laughed at all their antics. I haven't laughed like that in a very long time and it felt great.

Round and round they went, showing us their "tricks".
Feet on the handle bars...

No hands...

A shining smile for the audience...enough,
cuz he's still little, and we aren't going to allow him to grow up!

And ta-da-- standing on the frame.

I know, pretty impressive stuff.
We loved every minute of it, and they did too.
Don't grow up, please.
Not yet.


Anonymous said...

Glad your weekend was spent with family, so was ours!The grandchildren, yes growing up so fast, as well we only one left in grade school and at the bbq he didn't have much time for grandparents with three of his hockey friends there. He however thought the giant marshmellows I brought for the firepit were way cool. How are your precious birds?our are they gone?xoxo

Gberger said...

What a beautiful family. I can see why you moved. It's the best kind of riches in the world! xoxoxo

Robin said...

Such fun and joy those children bring to the world!

Anna/Flowergardengirl said...

So very glad to read that you laughed real honest joyful like. That is so precious. Made me smile from deep down inside.

They have pretty nifty bikes and are very brave. I too try to keep my little one--28...from growing up.

I love you bunches Karen.