Saturday, January 30, 2010

White Through Our Windows

This is very, very exciting for people who have lived their whole lives in Southern California and Hawaii!
Americana Post Card Perfect!

All this... and we live at the beach!

Our Front Yard.
Sending a big shaka to our SoCal and island friends!


Anonymous said...

This put a smile on my face. We didn't get the last snow, I guess it went your way. It is pretty, I have so many snow pictures. Can't help but see the beauty. I hope you all enjoy it and have enough clothes and coats to keep warm. In the meantime Canada has no snow and the Olympics are only two weeks
away. Whats happening?
Enjoy your weekend! Love Sharon

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! What great pictures. Must be a blast - although I am not one for the cold at all. It was 65 in so cal yesterday and I had on my coat and scarf! Enjoy. Looks like the Brothers and Joe are enjoying the cold:)) As well as the kids (facebook photos).

Love you guys.


Jeri said...

Looks so beautiful with all the snow.
Must be different to drive in it. Cliff would love the driving experience.

Love you,

Anna Flowergardengirl™ said...

Here too but more fascinating that you have it. I know you saw I took pictures of birds all day. Just love my new camera. I think the first flake is always the best don't you? Mr D almost had to drive a snow plow for the town. He's the back up if they get desperate. They have to get really desperate cause he plows in to curbs and manholes. He's better behind the desk. I stay inside and keep the fires going. I do that by making sure the switch stays in the on position.

Hugging you tight tonight and keeping your heart next to mine! ♥