Thursday, January 07, 2010

Christmas Flashback

Christmas is difficult for the bereaved. I feel like I drew a deep breath, then plunged underwater till it was over. The underwater part is: "don't think, don't feel, just do". That's what I did. I got through it and was glad when it was over.

But looking back on my pictures this morning, I realized that this was my special moment in all of it. A few days before Christmas we had Christmas dinner at our house. After dinner, Isabel read The Polar Express to all of us.

Her approving audience.

All feet pointing center!

I love the imagery in the Polar Express and my grandchildren seem to understand most of the symbols.

Faith is the silver bell and when we lose it, God helps us to find it again.

An Angel in a Santa hat.


Anonymous said...

How sweet she is....yes like our Jake our grandchildren seem to suffer with our loss. They just please us the best they can. I like how you put yourself, under water. I was looking at the bare trees and feeling somewhat like them. They seem cold and alone and without cover. I certainly look at life with a different angle. I to am glad this season is over and perhaps can move into the new year with some purpose to myself, my children and Angie.
Love Sharon

Gberger said...

She is lovely. It's beautiful to see her in the center of all of that unconditional approval and attention, with her loved ones LISTENING to her. What a great picture of family dynamics.
I'm sorry it was so hard. The holidays can be extra-cruel, with all of the expectations, memories, longing and EMOTIONS. I pray that you will feel renewed with the beginning of this year.
Am thinking deeply about your email...will reply soon. XO

Lori Ignacio said...

Aawww what a beautiful sight to see everyone gathered around listening to your beautiful little angel reading. I know that anyone who grows up in the Johnson family will grow up feeling 110% loved, adored, and accepted, and totally embraced! That is how you make me feel and I am not even your blood! I love you Johnson family! You all have been heavy on my heart thru this Christmas time, please know that you continue to be in our prayers daily!!! xoxoxo

michaelandciara said...

priceless. those sweet eyes and smiles from your beautiful grandchildren are a sight to behold. a special moment to cherish. love you guys!

Anna/Flowergardengirl™ said...

It's one of my favorite Christmas stories and we have the video too--but there is nothing like the book. I like that you are all toe pointing to the middle and no shoes anywhere. Your mantle and shelves full of pictures show how loving your home is decorated.

I thought about you all through the holiday. I knew it was tough. I was down too but I kept reminding myself that I could be experiencing much worse. The kids are all fine. It's just some kind of funk I'm in. Not even sure I can put my finger on it.

We had a comical Christmas Day. Butterball really let us down. The thermometer keep reading that the turkey was cooking too fast so we turned it down. Well then it wouldn't get done. After 5 hours we took it out. It was an 18lber...but it as all bone!!! There was hardly any meat. So the thermometer was hitting bone everywhere it touched and getting false readings.

We had to go get Kentucky Fried Chicken. I'm sure that will seem funny to Mr D in about 5 years but not know.

Anonymous said...

These are the precious moments we burn on our hearts. Izzy is beautiful.