Thursday, October 18, 2012

Big Birthday in the Barn

Barn preps underway. Big moment coming.

Izzy turned 13. She and 19 of her friends  took over our farm for 24 hours.  

With pizza on pretty plates,

and sweets and Krispy Kreme donuts for breakfast. A junk food festival.

An amazing centerpiece made by Aunty Crystal.

 Sparkly mirror balls to go with the beat from the ipods.

All theirs for the night.

Picture time, and here they are, trying to give us a Rockette's arm roll.

Enjoying posing for the cameras.

For Izzy, it's been a long wait to become a teenager. When you have the late birthday and all your friends have already passed over the line from childhood to "all grown up now", it deserves a big celebration.

Cute as kittens.
Darling girls.
All 19 of them eventually showed up and stayed.
Maybe the largest sleepover I've ever been party to.

Savoring the moment, another pic of them surrounding the Birthday Girl.

One more pose and then to the pond and jacuzzi.
They sort of acted like they were college girls--- but with soda and bedtimes and numerous chaperones.

I have such mixed feelings about them growing up. But I can't stop time, so on it rolls, taking my grandchildren with it.
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Anonymous said...

I loved every minute of this, pictures tell it all. What a wonderful chance to spend this magical moment with your granddaughter and all her friends. I remember not so long ago our Hannah turning 13. Now here she is 18 and away to college. I am glad you get to have these special moments with them all and have places to share the good times. xoxo Sharon

Gberger said...

They are darling. It is a real blessing that you have moved to be near those precious kids (and their parents). Though it must have been hard to leave Maui, this is true riches. God is good! - a mystery in some ways, but GOOD.