Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Four Years

Still missing  you.

Feel you sometimes.
Dream of you too.
I see signs
reminders of your nearness. 

I used to say
come back, come back.
No miracle here 
but the
miracle of hope.  

Long to hold you,
a mother's wish,
to be near you, 
my strong and tender son,
wrapped in those long generous arms. 
As I wrapped  you at birth. 
Hearing the husky laughter in your chest 
in my ear.
The thoughtful way
you asked me how I am. 
Mama,  you say. 
Smile, listen, joke, encourage. 
Your ability to love each of us
as if we were the only one. 

The energy
insight with life.
World  wise.
You knew.
How so young did you know so old?
Aching for my beautiful wise son
 to help me along the way
on this mystery road.
What would you be telling me now 
to strengthen me? 

So full of love. 
Your very best legacy.

Living for the living. 
You would want that. 

This world lost its illusions and charms
but love never fails. 
It is always the hunger
Always the food.
Always gives strength for the journey. 

My life is about waiting now. 
Waiting for reunion day.
God is giving the strength
day by day
to live in a world without you
knowing I will be in a world with you
on that day.

And we live deeper now
where the pain and poignancy meet hope. 
You started all of that. 


Anonymous said...

The most touching words you share. Dear friend take care. Rest in the arms of those you love today. xoxo Sharon

Gberger said...

Sending heartfelt love and compassion to you and your family, dear Karen. I feel the inspiration and depth of your words written here. Yes, he started all of that...and you will continue the conversation on that day. Until then, his gifts shine through all that you do, with the longing for his presence mixed with gratitude for what still is here and now. God bless and comfort your heart!

Jeri said...

Beautiful, touching words...
Missing Joey, thinking about and praying for all of you.
May you sense God's peace and comfort.
Love you my friend.

Anonymous said...

Karen (and Joe and all), know that we continue to hold you all in prayer, asking for the Lord to touch your hearts with His healing hand and give you peace. Toni and Mark

Leslie said...

Beautiful, beautiful words. Thank you for sharing and opening your heart.