Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 1981

I love this picture.
I love the joy on my face as I readied my children for trick-or-treating. I remember their excitement to get ready, and little Joey standing so still so I could finish drawing on his whiskers. My daughters and our neighbor watching so intently. I love that I hand-sewed their costumes. This was before China made all the inexpensive handmade costumes we enjoy now. In those days, it was either a cheap plastic mask or a rare home-sewn costume. I love the proud way they wore them, my 2 princesses and a leopard, and how they played in them long after Halloween was over. How I loved being a mother. So much work but loads of fulfillment in it.
I miss those days.
If you're a tired mother of little ones, I hope you are reminded to enjoy this precious moment. They grow up and this is gone forever.


Gberger said...

So true! I love your photo - you radiate joy in helping your little ones. And I love the fact that you sewed their costumes - I didn't do that. I wasn't a good enough seamstress - but did my best to be creative with things we had on hand (like my great-grandmother's ratty old mink coat!).
Sending love to you - I can feel the "missing," too. xoxo

Anna Flowergardengirl said...

It's a very cool photo! Lots of heart tugging moments to remember. I'm glad I came by to see it on the day you remember it. Big hugs and warm November wishes.

Mary Potts said...

Hi Karen. I came over through Karen Gerstenberger's blog. This photo is beautiful. I too, made all the costumes for my children years ago, and it gave me such pleasure. I still have many of them in a special box. I posted a couple of pictures on my blog today too. Seems as though many of us moms are reminiscing!
Happy Halloween to you.

Anonymous said...

The picture is just precious. I have one of Angie in a frame holding our Thomas. She is a clown. Yes, to all, it goes so fast and as we age it is times we miss. Love Sharon

Anonymous said...

What a great reminder! Lovely photo!

Anonymous said...

Karen, you capture memories through your words with such beauty! While I didn't know Joey personally, I do know the rest of your I can only imagine what a wonderful person he was. As a mom with younger children, you remind me to enjoy and cherish little memories like Halloween craziness and even daily tasks.
Andrea Holdiman

Anonymous said...

I love this picture and memory


Anonymous said...

"They grow up and this is gone forever." Except from your own heart. Thanks for sharing your precious memories with us Karen.
Love and comfort your way,