Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bathroom Remodel--Before Pictures

Remember this? Six days after we moved in to our new house, the water heater in the attic, (yes, you read that right), the water heater in the attic burst and flooded our upstairs causing significant damage to several rooms.

Here the girls from the insurance company tackle the clean up and try to figure out what to do next.

Yuck and Ugh! Soggy insulation from a collapsed ceiling.

Three rooms were flooded and the blowers blasted 24/7 for 3 noisy weeks.

Check out the water damage in the bathroom. Ewwww!
While we wrestled with the insurance company, we had the good fortune to meet a friend of a friend, Dan from Flawless Carpentry.

Dan is the Man--the ultimate remodel/fix-it guy. He knows how to do everything, is intimidated by nothing and he takes a lot of pride in his work and his work ethic. He is honest, skilled, efficient, and reliable. He is also a really great guy which is important when someone is in your home every day.

The whole bathroom had to be ripped out.

Dan had to saw through the old fiberglass tub/shower to get it out.
The demolition is done. Dan measures twice and cuts once. He's a perfectionist, which is just what you want in a carpenter. His standard is higher than ours!

New plumbing and waterproofing in the shower. Now we've got a blank canvas.

It already looks better!

But wait till you see the finished product. Just scroll down to see that.



Anonymous said...

I commented below---where all the work has been completed ;)

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

my goodnesss! dan is the man! congrats on the snazzy new bath... *sigh* so relaxing...