Friday, July 03, 2009

We're Doing THIS Instead of Being in France

Filling empty cupboards

Emptying bags and bags of stuff--thank you Lord for Target, Ross and TJ Maxx. What to do with all those non-earth-friendly plastic bags?

Patching, sanding, scraping, painting, repairing, wiping, sweeping, scrubbing, flushing, washing, lifting, loading, tossing,

Boxes, boxes, everywhere boxes--all whining to be emptied. Hush! You've been full for 3 months, another day won't hurt!
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Gannet Girl said...

I need to let you in on a secret.

France is better than scraping and painting.

The house looks lovely!

Congratulations and enjoy your new home!

Mackenzie said...

congrats on your new place! prayers to you as you take this new step. miss you.

p.s. we wish we were in France too. however, we just returned from Maui (which was absolutely wonderful!!)so can't complain.

Elis said...

I wish I was there to help with all the boxes and all the shopping!!!!
I'm happy that you are settling down.
And Papa D, you look very sexy with that tattoo in your leg!!!!!!!!!!!
LOts of love, miss you a lot Elis

Anonymous said...


Steve, Jackie, Matt and Britt.

A Maui Blog said...

So it's been a couple of days since this post - are you all unpacked yet? ;)

I am procrastinating on some important stuff. Blogging, Twittering and FBooking is such an escape - LOL! missing you here but love it that you're there your with family. Glad to see your new house - keep posting photos - I am sure you'd decorate and make it even lovelier than it is now.