Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Water Damage? Call in the Experts!

When I went to bed last night, the hallway carpet was gushing with water. A quick inspection turned up a busted water heater--UP IN THE ATTIC! Must be an East Coast thing, but really, not the smartest, people! So Joe turned off what he could and we went to bed. Mind you, we haven't even been in this house for a week.
This is Tina and Kisa. They were sent out this morning by the insurance company to clean up the mess. These girls are amazing. A collapsed ceiling, soaking insulation, saturated walls and flooded carpet. These girls know what they are doing and are great in an emergency.

Check out that big gaping hole in the ceiling.
Check out the pile of stuff on the floor.
Up through the gaping hole, way up high in the attic, over 4 bedrooms, there stands the rebel machine. Well, actually the new replacement machine, with a 10 year warranty. We're keeping our fingers crossed. In the meantime, Tina and Kisa are cleaning it all up and we live with the sound of high wattage fans. I hear rumors we will get new carpet, new bathroom flooring, and a new paint job.
Welcome to our new home!
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Anonymous said...

A pain, but sweet - now you get all new stuff:)) Tell those girls they should join NAWIC if they have a chapter in VB.

Love you - Viv

Anonymous said...

A water heater in the attic????????? WATER they thinking??

Like the song says:

"Smile when your heart is aching...
smile when your pipes are breaking..."

Glad your enjoying your new place.. good and bad!

Love, Steve

Mackenzie said...

:( what a bummer! sounds like you're taking it in stride though, which is what really matters. hang in there!

Jeri said...

Oh no....
We came home to the overflow of our water heater in our garage one time. Only damage we had were some old pieces of carpet. Nothing in comparison to your disaster. I still can't get over it being in the attic? Weird..

Love you guys,

A MAui Blog said...

yep, this is a blogworhty, bloggable happening! ha! ha! ha!

I hope you get settled soon .. in the meantime, enjoy the :fun".


Maisha said...

Oh no!!! I'm soo sorry :( but yay for new stuff :-)
Love you guys, maisha

Anonymous said...

Oh my Gosh! Karen you must have been praying for Joe to let you remodel the whole house and God was looking out for you to get your wish! Hopefully you'll get a nice size check to do exactly what you wanted. Love you guys so much, so sorry for the inconvenience of it all. At least its summer and not winter, that would have been miserable! Is that the Bright side! Love you, Kandi

flowergardengirl said...

Uh, my water heater is in the attic. It's got a big old tub around it in case it does spring a leak. It had to be up there cause of some code. My house is less than a year old and I remember asking why the thing wasn't in the crawl space. They said cause it wouldn't fit. It's gas and so many inches had to be between it and whatever was above it. You can stand in my crawlspace--so who knows.

So sorry about your big old leak. Goodness---are you going with the same color carpet?

Josh Spencer said...

Wow, I've never heard anyone speak positively about people from their insurance company! It's jarring, like saying "our satanists were the best Christians we could have hoped for." Count that blessing, for sure...what a rarity.