Friday, July 24, 2009

Necessary Shelter

Yesterday, the gazebo went up in the backyard. We hired Matt to do the assembly as we found the directions both unintelligible and intimidating. Matt wasn't put off. He showed up for work bright and early with his tools and a can-do attitude. The directions said it would require the help of 8-10 men to assemble and lift the 600 lb steel roof. We couldn't find that many available men, so the five we found lifted it on their own! Impressive, to say the least. I would have photographed them in their Atlas poses, but I was busy putting each column in place as they held the roof up. I'm a little proud of myself today!

They make it look easy, don't they! Actually they've already done the muscle work. See the columns are in place and they are simply stabilizing as Matt reinforces the columns.

Welcome to our new outdoor room. In Virginia, unlike Maui, you get real weather, at least two weathers every day. Usually it's blistering sun in the morning and drenching rain in the afternoon. Now we are ready for whatever the atmosphere delivers.
This morning we woke up to a rain-covered patio, but our chairs were dry and comfy and we had our morning coffee right out here, listening to the birds chirp and the flowers bloom. Pretty cozy, huh? We are all about comfort in this house. Can't get too much of that stuff these days.
Thanks to Matt and Drew and Ron and Brent. We appreciate your help so much.
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Gannet Girl said...

What a lovely spot.

Janis said...

Watching you put your home together is like HGTV. Love it!

Karin said...

For the 35 years that I have known you, every place you have lived has been unique and beautiful. Of course you are a gifted decorator, but what makes it amazing is that it is where YOU are.

Anonymous said...

Very nice! you better watch it. Every time sometghing new and cool goes up is one day closer to us showing up for vacation on the doorstep of "Hotel B"!

We love you. Steve n Jackie

Maisha said...

I love it! you are definitely turning the house into a home.
all my love...

Jeri said...

That looks like an awesome spot for hanging out, playing games, having some quiet time. I love it!

Love you both,

Anonymous said...

600 lbs of steel roof...yikes...I hope there weren't too many extra nuts and bolts left over :))

Love you - Viv

Anna/Flowergardengirl said...

How funny---I've never seen someone tackle this as a home project. You are ambitious. I would have hired a contractor who would have hired someone one who had hired help.

It looks pretty neat--now add a fire pit for the Autumn and perhaps the winter.

I had no idea what a Pungo was until tonight's UNC ED TV special. It was about a river up your way. I was half listening and blogging but when I heard that word--I thought of my Karen in VA. Isn't that grand? I like Paradise to Plan B ;)

Doug Spencer said...

Hey, I know that gazebo! LOL. I bought the same one to put in my backyard in North Idaho (it never got put together), moved it to North Carolina (it never got put together there either), then hauled it do Kentucky to put up for my son and his wife. The directions at that point had been destroyed by the weather, so luckily I found them online. I loved the comment about 8-10 strong men. My son and I did by ourselves with some ingenous teamwork. You're right about the instructions - very confusing.

Sounds like you guys are settling in just fine.

I'm going to be traveling about from Maui to the mainland during August in van. Mind if I drop in and say hi toward the latter part of the month if you guys are around?