Monday, July 20, 2009

Warning Signs at the Pool...hmmm

Is it just me or are these signs a bit intense?

We know there are dangers in a swimming pool, but seriously, take a chill pill, management people! All these harsh signs kind of kill the joy!

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Gannet Girl said...

Those signs made me smile. Produced by people who are under the impression that they are in control of ... something, I guess.

Anonymous said...

How funny are those signs. How on earth did we grow up to be adults.
I don't recall any signs other then no running. We swam at the lakes in Minnesota and can't even remember any drownings. It is such that they don't want any responsibility and so they post signs. I hope you enjoy the water anyway and those GRANDKIDS.
Love Sharon

Anonymous said...

I'm crying that I'm laughing so hard. I can think of a few more----Float Devices Could Spring a Leak---Wear Feet Protection as The Bottom is Rough---Don't Drink The Chlorine---Chlorine Will Fade Your Bathing Suit---Riding a Bike in the Pool is Prohibited---Lawn Chairs must Remain, I Repeat, Must Remain Out of the Pool.