Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Pop Quiz for Mauiians

Can you guess who this is? (I just love my camera work here. I've never photographed a sports event before. I felt like a pro with these action shots!)

Number 8. He grew up on Maui. Went to St. Anthony's.

Do you see the tip of the neon Liberty Bell across the field?

Okay, I know you all guessed it. Our own Local-Boy-Makes-It-Big, Shane Victorino, of the World Champion Philadelphia Phillies!!

They won against the Washington Nationals today and are in first place so far in the season.

If all that wasn't a good enough reason to be here today, we have a sentimental reason. Our son Joey played Little League on the Phillies as he was growing up, and they won first place 3 seasons in a row!
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Jeri said...

Hi Joe & Karen,

I'm really enjoying your trip to New York. Learning and seeing a lot of new things.

We're in Bend for Moriah & Cayden's birthday party. Having a great time!

Love and miss you both very much. Thanks for sharing your travels.

Jeri & Cliff