Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lamenting My Son

"All these things I recognize. I remember delighting in them ~~ trees, art, house, music, pink morning sky, work well done, flowers, books. I still delight in them. I'm still grateful. But the zest is gone. The passion is cooled, the striving quieted, the longing stilled. My attachment is loosened. No longer do I set my heart on them. I can do without them. They don't matter. Instead of rowing, I float. The joy that comes my way I savor. But the seeking, the clutching, the aiming, is gone. I don't suppose anyone on the outside notices. I go through my paces. What the world gives, I still accept. But what it promises, I no longer reach for. I've become an alien in the world, shyly touching it as if it's not mine. I don't belong any more. When someone loved leaves home, home becomes mere house."

From Lament for a Son
by Nicholas Wolterstorff


Anonymous said...

How fitting that saying is. I love how you identify with things others have said. Forge on dear one!
Love Sharon

Anonymous said...

Karen and Joe,it is hard to believe this time last year,Jesse and I were so looking forward to going to Josh and Heidi's wedding and getting to spend a little time with Joey,knowing he would be there..he was such an important part in getting Josh on the right path with his ebay business.We were beyond shocked when the news came about Joey!! It definitely took the "bloom" off of the wedding but we all made a valiant effort to remain focused on Josh and Heid's happiness. Even so this huge sad blob seemed to set in a corner of our hearts thru out the ceremony.We were thankful for the opportunity of attending the memorial service there in Hollywood the day after the wedding and learning even more about the amazing person Joey was.
Keeping you in our hearts and prayers especially this month,Joyce and Jesse

Anonymous said...

One more thing---I loved it when Joey would be on Maui up on the stage with his dad and the worship team at Hope Chapel.We would always make eye contact and he would give me that big smile.He truly was a very special young man! Lovingly,Joyce S.