Sunday, May 31, 2009

Philadelphia: History's Home

Philadelphia is a special city, too. Not the same intensity as New York, yet it's got its own kind of antique-y/historical vibe goin' on. It's cobblestone streets are filled with the cutest little rowhouses, with window boxes filled with flowers. Huge shade trees line every road, and it's surrounded by water on two sides. And Ben Franklin is as much a celebrity there today as he was 200 years ago. As far as fashion--not so much. Seems like three out of four people were wearing Phillies baseball shirts. But the buildings are fabulous. Here's a sampling:
This is City Hall from the window of our hotel --the 25th floor! This clock tower is just the topper on a beautiful white wedding cake of a building. It is a sight to behold.

This little building, sheltered among the trees is the meeting place of the Continental Congress, as in George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Ben Franklin. This is where our forefathers made the weighty decision to stop paying taxes to England for services they weren't receiving, and revolt against nasty old King George. It's a little jewel of a building.

This big old guy is the home of the second bank ever established in our country. It's marble columns are 300 years old and eroding, but it still feels dignified and protective.

And this brick masterpiece is the star in the crown. This is Independence Hall, the place where our forefathers signed the Declaration of Independence, plunging us into a war against England and committing themselves to years of personal sacrifice to launch a fledgling nation. It is quite moving to be here--holy ground for all Americans.

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Elis said...

Seems like you too are having a lot of fun! I am definitely learning a lot about american history!!
Love you, Elis

Elis said...

I forgot to mention how beautiful the building and flowers are, I love the windows baskets!