Sunday, May 31, 2009

Philadelphia's Phlowers

Caladiums and Ivy against a wrought iron window grille.

We walked from our hotel down to the Historic Area, about 16 blocks. Along the way we saw the most beautiful flowers and flower boxes under the windows and along the streets. (This could have been a lot more pictures, but I'm having mercy on my male readers.)

Petunia Pots on the lampposts near lacy window curtains.

Impatiens and Ivy and Arbor Vitae in a wrought iron box

Arbor Vitae, Hydrangeas, and Orange sprays in a high gloss black wooden box. Notice the hardware on the shutters; these are real working shutters, not the fake plastic ones.
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steve said...

Wow! Amazing camera work, sis! It's awesome and overwhelming! JJ would be proud his momma has an eye for the lens just like his cuy does. I'm enjoying the trip immensely! Steve