Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Markets at Grand Central Station

In the city, on your way home from a day's toil, and before you catch your train, you stop in the market and grab something to take home for dinner.

It's beautiful in here. And it smells dee-licious.

You also grab a bouquet of flowers for your wife, who's been home in the suburbs all day taking care of kids, dogs, and laundry.

You should buy some veggies, too, even though the bread and the desserts are more enticing.

But the prices!! Oh, my!! These are New York prices!! Tiny little packages of very expensive produce. One little cherry costs 30 cents!
Back to the bread stall.
Grab yourself a muffin and a cup o' joe for the train ride home.
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Anonymous said...

Aloha Karen and Joe,

I feel like I'm getting to tag along on a fabulous tour of a magical destination. Your enchantment comes right through the blog. Thank you for the open invitation.

Terry Davis

lorensaved77 said...

Aloha Karen and Joe,
I just caught up with your Blog! I'm loving living Vicariously through your Photo's!
My Favorite so far have been Tavern On The Green, I've always wanted to see that place, Looks very peaceful and Serene!
Thanks for sharing your trip with us all!
Love you guys, Miss you!