Saturday, August 29, 2009

Space Shuttle Launch

Lift Off
We were sitting at water's edge, as close as allowed, across a river, looking at Cape Canaveral, FL, at midnight last night. Despite nearby lightning, we knew it was a "GO" because the man sitting next to us was getting tweeted by his aeronautics professor inside the Kennedy Space Center.

Blinding the engines propel the shuttle upward...

and an awesome silence because it is moving faster than sound.

Notice the cell phones capturing the sight.

Now as light as day, and we begin to hear the deep rumbling sound of the powerful jets that thunder in the space in front of us and fill it up. We all stand amazed.

High in the sky, with 7 brave people on board and millions of dollars worth of technology--on their way to a space station...
in a galaxy far, far away.
Maybe this is what it looks like from Heaven when anyone of us departs earth on our final journey.
Gen 1:1
In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.
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Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to see that. I liked your narration of the lift off.

So you are in Florida?

MrD and I went on the Haw River Wine tour today and had a blast.