Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Horse camp. A barn with dogs, goats, smells...and best of all, horses.

Taking a slow lazy walk around the ring. Hmmm...

Giddy-up. Move. Come on, get going! Let's trot. Please?

Oh yeah, I'm the boss! TROT!!

Okay, you worked hard enough. Have a drink on me!

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Gannet Girl said... in Virginia!

I LOVE your new photo header!

Anonymous said...

Love your header!

What a graceful sport horseback riding is! She looks poised and in control. I'm impressed with her discipline to keep at it.

I was talking with the man who owns the horse ranch where my 100 yr old bricks are from---he was telling me that his grand daughter rides. After hearing him talk---I'm convinced I want a grandchild. He's spoiling her real good! I meant to say real good.