Sunday, August 30, 2009

Alligator Farm in St. Augustine, Florida

This guy is trying to sneak up on us...

but we're not THAT stupid...we stay behind the fence.

Snakes are slightly more manageable than alligators...even pythons. This one has a black head, so he can hide in holes for a sneak attack. Joe looks as happy as can be holding that thing. Some kind of childhood dream fulfilled, I guess.

A feeding frenzy. Toss a little dog kibble and this is what you get.

Meet Mr. Cuddly. This guy is the only safe alligator at the farm--he's stuffed! All 16 feet of him.

Alive and breathing...jumping for a furry rat snack on a stick.

My personal favorite...Mr. Albino. Looks plastic, but he's real and I bet he'd make a fine pair of cowboy boots.

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Anonymous said...

These are awesome!!!! :-)
love, Maisha

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I'm not very fond of alligators but you made me look and smile. They just aren't beautiful and I'm so scared of them. It's the only animal I'm really terrified of and you'd never get me to go along for the trip.

Once they huddled up like that over a dog treat--I'm out of there. I'm thinking who wants to huddle alligators?

Ok, I can see the entertainment and will still visit Florida occasionally. I'm really glad alligators don't swim in the ocean.

Now let's think of something nice and quiet like knitting.

Anonymous said...

By the way...why do they have an alligator Farm (babies) in Florida..aren't there too many of those puppies already???